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Other Projects


Computer Graphics Projects

  • Github link:
  • Decription: A set of projects for a great online course: GAMES101: Introduction to Computer Graphics, taught by Lingqi Yan
  • Programming language: C/C++, HTML, JavaScript
  • Certificate:


  • Results:

    Z-buffering & Anti-aliasing

    base_image image_improve
    Z-buffering rendered triangles improved with super-sampling anti-aliasing

    Blinn-Phong Shader & Texture Shader

    phong texture
    Blinn-Phong Shader rendered cow Texture Shader rendered cow


    Raytracing with Moller-Trumbore intersection algorithm

    BVH & SAH Acceleration Structure

    binary_naive binary_sah
    Bounding Volume Hierarchy(BVH): 7.84s Surface Area Heuristic(SAH): 6.39s

    Path Tracing

    Path Tracing rendered Cornell Box

Image Processing Projects

  • Github link:
  • Decription: A set of projects about histogram equalization, edge detection, edge linking, digit recognition
  • Programming language: Matlab
  • Results:

    histogram equalization

    input histogram of input
    output histogram of output

    Canny edge detection and edge linking

    input output after edge detection output after edge linking

Image Stitching

Monte Carlo Rendering based on Line Sampling

  • Github link:
  • Decription: An implement of Monte Carlo rendering based on line sampling, featured with area light source process, path tracing, multi-threading acceleration, micro surface materials
  • Programming language: C++
  • Technologies: CMake

Images Crawling and Processing

Calabash Brothers

Qt Canvas

Relationships Mining in Jin's Novels

  • Github link:
  • Decription: A big data processing project about mining characters' relationships in Jin's novels
  • Programming language: Java, Scala, Python
  • Technologies: MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, HBase
  • Results:

    Graph of characters' relationships

    visualized via Gephi

Student Information Management System

  • Github link:
  • Decription: An implement of a simple student information management system based on MFC framework, support addition, deletion, sorting, data I/O, data highlight
  • Programming language: C/C++
  • Technologies: Microsoft MFC
  • Results:

Simple Computer System

Operating System Projects

  • Github link:
  • Decription: A set of projects about assembly-level programming, ELF loader and system call, process switching and scheduling, semaphore and multi-threading
  • Programming language: C, Assembly

Turing Machine Simulation

Computer Networks Projects

Databases Projects

Last update: March 17, 2023
Created: March 17, 2023